PolarConf is a two-day, single track, conference for all things Azure for IT Professionals, Architects and technology leaders. PolarConf will bring a world-class speaker lineup to Helsinki, Finland, just two weeks after Microsoft Ignite. Join us in Helsinki to hear the latest on cloud technology and tooling straight from the experts!

    PolarConf 2018 is organized 10-11th of October in Hotel Kämp, Helsinki.
    During the two fully-packed conference days, you will learn about the latest announcements, best practices and survival stories on the following topics:

    • Azure Platform, Tooling & Automation
    • Azure Case studies
    • Hybrid Azure solutions

    PolarConf is built for modern technology professionals, who want to learn from experts speaking about their real-life production-level implementations, not slideware. PolarConf is a Finland Azure User Group event.


    Sjoukje Zaal
    Speech Time: 10th Oct at 12:30-13:30

    Sjoukje Zaal

    Principal Expert at Ordina, Azure MVP
    Sam Cogan
    Speech Time: 11th Oct at 13:45-14:45

    Sam Cogan

    Willis Towers Watson, Azure MVP
    Rob Sewell
    Speech Time: 11th Oct at 9:15-10:15

    Rob Sewell

    SQL Server DBA, Cloud & Data Center MVP
    Rik Hepworth
    Speech Time: 11th Oct at 10:30-11:30

    Rik Hepworth

    Black Marble, Azure MVP
    Mike Martin
    Speech Time: 10th Oct at 9:15-10:15

    Mike Martin

    Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
    Matty Stratton
    Speech Time: 10th Oct at 13:45-14:45

    Matty Stratton

    DevOps Evangelist, PagerDuty
    Jeff Wouters
    Speech Time: 11th Oct at 12:30-13:30

    Jeff Wouters

    CTO, Methos & Microsoft MVP
    Aleksandar Nikolic
    Speech Time: 10th Oct at 15:00-16:00

    Aleksandar Nikolic

    Co-founder of, Azure MVP

    The Azure Cloud: no longer just a service, but a platform which is intelligent, productive and performant. In a world where there’s no more boundaries it plays a crucial part in all of today’s projects and or new environments. From the internals of your own network up to the edge devices you are deploying today inside of your enterprise. With this sessions a large overview will be given in where Azure and Microsoft can help in Intelligence, Productivity, Hybrid solutions and Trust.

    Welcome to the Azure 360° view.

    Azure MVP Rik Hepworth and Technical Evangelist Mike Martin discuss Azure Security. The goal of this session is to provide you some guidance and an overview of Azure’s security measures. Expect some PowerShell, Azure architecture and service tweak which can help you settle at ease in your new condominium with panic room.

    This session will give you insights on how to control and manage access to your documents, resources, and applications using Azure Business to Business (B2B) for secure collaboration with external users in the cloud. Expect lots of demos of the different Azure B2B features and capabilities!

    Major outages, incident calls, war rooms, whatever you want to label them, can be stressful and frustrating experiences. In this talk, I will use the lessons of the book “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz, to illustrate an easy-to-remember modality for effective and humane incident response.

    Come and join Cloud and DataCenter MVP Rob Sewell and learn how to publish your module to the PowerShell Gallery continuously for free using VSTS, GitHub, Pester, Plaster and your time enabling you to easily share your code with all of the community

    We will have plenty of demos and scripts and discuss

    • From Scripts to Modules and why
    • Using VS Code
    • Using Plaster to create the customised framework for your modules
    • How to use Script Analyser to help you to code better
    • Why you should use Test Driven Development and how to do that for your PowerShell modules with Pester
    • The importance of Get-Help and why you need write good help
    • The PowerShell Gallery and how to create your own private PowerShell Gallery
    • Signing your code
    • How to continuously deliver changes to your PowerShell Module in the gallery using GitHub and VSTS

    We will have a lot of fun along the way and you will return to work with a lot of ideas, samples and better habits to become a PowerShell ninja and save your organisation time and effort.

    Azure AD Domain Services is Microsoft’s PaaS offering for a domain controller as a service. At first glance, it seems like it can solve many problems when migrating to Azure, but when you dig deeper this might not always be the case. In this presentation, we’ll look at what AAD DS is, what it can do and also what it can’t do. We’ll look at the pitfalls to be aware of, the problems that need to be solved and the use cases where AAD DS shines.

    Join us to learn how to build your Azure infrastructure using code. ARM templates, DSC, and Azure Automation DSC offer you an easy way to get in full control of your Azure infrastructure.

    Today, it’s clear that declarative deployment model is the way to go for creating Azure resources. ARM templates enable you to manage your Azure infrastructure using code. DSC enables you to manage configuration of your servers using code. Combined them and get a full declarative solution to build your environment and provision your VMs. Or, provision a plain vanilla servers and manage their configuration using Azure Automation DSC? Join us to learn about Azure offerings to build your infrastructure in a cloud like a professional.

    Azure Stack is unique in offering a truly cloud consistent experience for users and developers. But just how consistent is that experience, and what do you need to know if you are developing on and for Stack?
    The learnings I will cover all come from my own involvement in software development project targeted at Azure Stack. I will share my experiences and learnings and talk about where I believe Stack can be a good fit for your hybrid cloud project, and where not. Come to this session to learn about how you can use Azure-consistent services with and without an internet connection and what I believe are the current strengths and weaknesses of Azure Stack.

    Azure MVP’s Rik Hepworth, Alex Mang, Aleksandar Nikolic and Karl Ots discuss about the top Azure topics on their minds. Bring your questions!

    Automating Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solutions

    The Azure Portal is a great management tool for your Azure resources. People like clean, modernlooking, and easy-to-use graphical interface. However, when you start working on more complex IaaS solutions that involves a number of Azure resources, you will quickly realize that GUI wizards don’t scale. Automation is a key to fully embrace what Azure IaaS offers in a consistent and optimal manner. It saves time and increases the reliability of regular administrative tasks. In this course, you will learn how to create and scale the most common IaaS services, and how to automate the manual, long-running, errorprone, and frequently-repeated tasks that are commonly performed in a cloud. We will focus on using VM extensions, Azure PowerShell, CLI 2.0, Azure Cloud Shell, Azure Automation, Azure Automation DSC (with connection to Log Analytics), ARM templates, Ansible, and Terraform. The course includes a variety of practical exercises after each presentation.

    Course Objectives

    After completion of this course you will have a solid understanding of how to automate provisioning and management of virtual machines, set up networking, manage virtual machine storage, and some of the common VM extensions using different automating technologies in Azure.

    Course Audience

    IT Professionals and developers who want to automate provisioning and management of Azure Virtual Machines and related IaaS resources.

    This training is taught in English.


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    PolarConf location

    Hotel Kämp

    The 130-year old Hotel Kämp is like the celebrity of the Finnish hotel business. Hotel Kämp has been the landmark of Helsinki’s growth into a national and European capital, and it has provided residence for Finnish artists, ruling elite and intelligentsia. Hotel Kämp’s history is colourful & rich, and the hotel certainly has grown  and developed alongside Helsinki.

    The venue address is Aleksanterinkatu 44, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.


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